Our Mission  

To create and operate a high quality performing arts program that serve under-served communities. We will also develop and implement programs for at-risk children and their families, including after-school and summer programs. From the Heart Performing Arts strongly believes that having the performing arts program in our schools and communities will have a positive social change with our youth.

Our performing arts program consist of professional dance, acting and vocal instructors. We firmly believe that all students can thrive with experienced and trained instructors present an engaging curriculum, challenging learning activities and high expectations in the performing arts. We want to give students the opportunity to develop their intellectual, artistic and physical talents to the highest degree.

Core Values

We believe every child has a choice, every child has a dream and every child can be a leader. Our year –round performing arts program enables young talent to professionally study their craft, audition for the schools live stage play, assist with behind the scenes and perform all while earning their middle school credits and high school diploma.

“Do everything From the Heart”